Upcoming CPD and training from members

21 Apr 2022

TBIC aims to encourage good practice in the design and construction of basements and a key part of this is CPD and training. This is a round-up of upcoming CPD and training available from our members.

Anderton Concrete

Anderton Concrete offer CPD seminars on their retaining wall systems, to book visit their website.

Delta Membranes Systems Ltd

Delta Membranes offer CPD seminars, training courses and on-demand webinars, with topics including Waterproofing Below Ground, Waterproofing Existing Basements and Flood Resilience.

For more information, visit their website.

GCP Applied Technologies Ltd

GCP Applied Technologies have an upcoming webinar on ‘Developing a Robust & Durable Waterproofing and Gas Resistance Strategy’. To book, visit their website.

GGS - Ground Gas Solutions

GGS have an upcoming webinar on ‘Continuous ground gas monitoring – Part 1’ on 18th May at 10.30am. To register, click here.


Juta offer CPD seminars on ground gas barriers and gas protection measures, to book visit their website.

Newton Waterproofing

Newton Waterproofing have an upcoming event on Thursday 28th April titled ‘Waterproofing Design Strategies to the New British Standard 8102:2022’.

The CPD is part of a free event being hosted and coordinated by the Eco Design Green Environment (EDGE) Centre in Marylebone, London, and will feature RIBA accredited CPDs from two other suppliers as well.

You can attend the event either in-person or watch the presentations live online:

  • Attend in person here
  • Watch online here

Property Care Association

PCA have an upcoming webinar on 28th April at 9am titled ‘New BS8102 Update – Does this change our view of waterproofing?’. To register, click here.


Protectahome offer CPD seminars, with topics including Damp Proofing, Structural Waterproofing and Structural Repairs. To book, visit their website.

Safeguard Europe Ltd

Safeguard are hosting their online Damp Proof Training Course on 22nd April with further dates in May and June. To register, click here.

On 10th May at 1pm, Safeguard have a webinar on ‘Penetrating Damp: Causes & Treatment’, to register, click here.


Sika offer CPD seminars, with topics including BS 8102, Waterproofing Options and Quality Control. To book, visit their website.

The Concrete Centre

The Concrete Centre has upcoming free webinars on ‘Overheating and Part O’ on Monday 25th April at 12.30pm and ‘Fresh Concrete: Innovative concrete construction’ on 27th April at 1pm.

To register for ‘Overheating and Part O,’ click here and to register for ‘Fresh Concrete: Innovative concrete construction,’ click here.