Industry-Leading Ground Gas Barriers

17 Jan 2022

When it comes to the challenge of waterproofing and gas proofing a below-ground structure, Newton Waterproofing Systems, the UK’s leading independent designers and suppliers of guaranteed waterproofing systems, stock a range of products that combine effective waterproofing and gas protection.

Section 4 of the British Standard for Waterproofing, BS 8102:2009 states how “it is essential for the success of any project involving below ground structures that strategies for dealing with groundwater, soil gases and contaminants are considered”. Consequently, Newton Waterproofing will always recommend products that also have third-party tested gas resistance.

Combining Waterproofing and Gas Protection Below Ground

Newton has a range of products that meet the necessary standards and criteria for use as protection against below-ground gases.

These include the third-party certified HydroBond 403 Plus GB, which meets with Annex C and Section 7.2.4 including table 7 of British Standard 8485 (the Code of Practice for the Design of Protective Measures for Methane and Carbon Dioxide Ground Gases for New Buildings) and provides resistance to methane, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. This is in addition to radon in accordance with BRE211 (2015).

Suitable products must always be paired with sensible design however, as with waterproofing best practice, the most effective combined gas and waterproofing designs combine multiple forms of protection, and they always include a Type C cavity drain membrane system. When vented to external air or positively pressurised the Newton CDM system, using the 508R membranes, they can also contribute to gas resistant designs.

For more information on combined gas and waterproofing systems, the industry-qualified Newton technical team can provide project-specific advice and product recommendations. Call us on 01732 360095 or email

Industry-Leading Ground Gas Barriers

With a huge commitment to delivering comprehensive gas protection solutions, Newton is proud to have partnered with innovative and market-leading Scottish manufacturer A. Proctor Group, meaning it can now supply their range of high-performance ground gas barriers across the UK.

These include Protech GM Super, a high-performance reinforced gas barrier that incorporates an aluminium foil layer for maximum protection against ground-borne gases. The membrane is extremely robust and flexible, and is easy to install on-site, while also providing protection from damp when placed below the slab. This means there is no need for a separate DPM.

Newton also supplies Protech VOC Flex, a high-performance, six-layer flexible reinforced VOC gas barrier suitable for use on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants like hydrocarbons.
Protech VOC Flex is also developed to ease installation on-site, due to the flexibility of the membrane. It is also suitable as a high-performance damp proof membrane.

Protech GM Super and Protech VOC Flex have both been BBA certified and will protect against radon, methane, and CO2.

Proud partners

“A. Proctor Group has been operating for many years, originally manufacturing textiles and supplying to Scotland’s mills. The company’s portfolio has developed impressively since then, and in the 1990s grew to include a range of ground gas protection membranes. Today, Newton is proud to be partnered with an innovative company that can provide well-designed systems to prevent hazardous gases and contaminants in the ground from causing harm to occupiers of a property, as well as performing the function of a damp-proof membrane.” Warren Muschialli, Managing Director at Newton Waterproofing

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