Wallform Basement & House, Anglesey

16 June 2021


Basement type: New build Building type: Residential
Type of waterproofing: Type A Member: Insulating Concrete Formwork Association

This basement and house project was constructed with BecoWallform 313 for the superstructure, and Wallform 313-200, which is a wide-core version of the system, for the basement retaining walls.

The basement comprises a garage level with workshop and separate utility room, with a lift as well as staircase to the house above. The Wallform retaining walls are almost 4.00 metres in height.

Once constructed, the entire basement was then tanked externally using a sheet membrane system, with a French drain around the perimeter of the base slab to aid ground water drainage.

As can be seen from the photos, this project presented some unique challenges with the Wallform construction having to take place in and around some quite substantial cross-braces, which were required to support the sheet piling on either side of the excavation.

However, the flexibility of building with Wallform ICF meant the construction process could be adapted to suit the site conditions quickly and easily without causing delay.