The Hopbunker, Cardiff

20 July 2017


Basement type: Refurbishment Building type: Mixed use
Type of waterproofing: Type A & C Member: Protectahome

The Project

As part of the refurbishment of Northgate House in Cardiff City Centre, the basement level of the building was to converted into a brand new bar for local independent brewery Hopcraft.

The building’s basement was previously, and most famously, home to the music venue Barfly, which hosted world famous bands such as Kings of Leon, Scissor Sisters and The Killers.

The basement, which had been stripped back to the original structure, was suffering from water ingress as each elevation was fully earth retaining and lacking any form of adequate waterproofing protection.

Protectahome were contacted by the project developer to provide a comprehensive waterproofing design and installation service for the project.

The Solution

Protectahome’s specialist team designed a fully maintainable, Type C (Drained) Waterproofing System that provided a Grade 3 Environment suitable for the bar and fully complied with the requirements set out within BS8102:2009.

The bespoke system incorporated the use of 8mm Cavity Drain Membrane, installed to all wall and floor surfaces including the concrete pillars throughout the basement level.

The Cavity Drain Membrane protects the internal surfaces from water ingress by capturing any residual free water that is able to penetrate the building structure.

A perimeter drainage channel was formed in the slab to redirect any captured free water to a safe point of disposal.

In this instance, the safe point of disposal was provided by the installation of 3 sump chambers each containing 2 specialist automatic sump pumps. The system was completed by installing a high water level alarm to each sump chamber.

Installation was completed on schedule and within budget and a Protectahome long term guarantee was issued for the work.

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