New housing near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

25 April 2018


Basement type: New build Building type: Residential
Type of waterproofing: Type A & C Member: Protectahome
Other: Sloping site  

The Project 

This luxury 12 property housing development near Holmfirth in rural West Yorkshire was to be built partially into an embankment on a sloping site. The provision of lower ground floor space with earth retaining elevations within the new properties necessitated the involvement of a structural waterproofing specialist to form part of the design and construction team.
Protectahome were approached by the property developer to fulfil the requirement and provide a guaranteed, cost effective scheme that would comply with both BS 8102:2009 and the requirements of any third-party warranty providers. 


Working alongside the project designers and engineers, Protectahome’s CSSW qualified surveyor designed a combined Type A (Barrier) and Type C (Drained) protection waterproofing system that would provide the necessary grade 3 (habitable) environment (BS 8102).
The external Type A system was provided by applying liquid membrane to the blockwork structure complete with overlaying drainage layer, protection boards, free draining backfill and serviceable land drain - all designed to alleviate water pressure on the structure.
The internal Type C system was provided by the installation of 8mm cavity drain membranes complete with perimeter drainage channels and service ports for future maintenance. Due to the sloping nature of the site, the perimeter drainage channel was able to drain passively away from the structure negating the need for additional costs on sump pumps.


The installation was completed on time and within budget by Protectahome’s specialist operatives and long term guarantees for each property were issued on the works.
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