Landegfedd Reservoir Visitor Centre, South Wales

3 May 2017


Basement type: New build Building type: Public
Type of waterproofing: Type A & C Member: Protectahome

The Project

A new Visitor Centre at the popular Llandegfedd Reservoir was commissioned by Welsh Water as part of a £2.5m investment in the tourist site which attracts over 150,000 visitors each year.

The reservoir itself is the principal water supply for the city of Cardiff and can supply up to 80 million gallons of water per day if required.

The new Visitor Centre will service guests who wish to enjoy the excellent water sports, angling, bird watching and walking facilities around the 434 acre site.

Protectahome were contacted as Waterproofing specialists to provide expert installation of a pre-designed combined waterproofing system.


The pre-designed waterproofing system combined Type A (Barrier) and Type C (Drained) protection that incorporated both internal and external waterproofing.

Externally, Newton 410 Geodrain Drainage Membrane was installed along the earth retaining right and left hand side and rear elevations.

Newton 508 Cavity Drain Membrane was installed to the internal wall surfaces and the floor slab to capture any free water that may penetrate the structure.

A perimeter drainage channel was formed in the floor slab at the wall/floor junction to accommodate the installation of Basedrain drainage channel that would redirect any free water from behind the membranes to a safe point of disposal.

The sloping site negated the need for a sump and pump chamber as the Basedrain drainage channel was able to freely drain safely away from the front of the building.

The system was installed on time and within budget.

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