NHBC warranty

NHBC's Buildmark covers around 80% of new homes built in the UK. For more information visit www.nhbc.co.uk/Warrantiesandcover

In 2014, NHBC issued updated technical guidance (Chapter 5.4) that became effective in the 2015 update to NHBC Standards. The chapter includes technical requirements and recommendations for the waterproofing of basements and other structures below (or near to) ground level. It covers guidance for walls, floors and foundations intended to prevent the passage of moisture into the building, and considers water from the ground and other sources that could reasonably be expected during the design life of the building.

The chapter introduces meaningful benchmarks and supporting technical guidance for a range of situations where the structure is required to resist the ingress of water from the ground and other sources, where ‘normal’ waterproofing arrangements are not considered appropriate. If you are designing or constructing such buildings, you will need to refer to the new chapter. In 2016 minor amends were made to Chapter 5.4, which apply from 2017. For more information visit NHBC technical guidance.