Our Strategy 2020 Commitments

  • Support the Mineral Products Association (MPA) Biodiversity Strategy “Building on our legacy... realising our potential”

Protecting and enhancing the state of nature and biodiversity is a key aim for the MPA and sites of mineral extraction are uniquely placed to make a difference, more than any other.

MPA is working with members to develop an MPA Charter which features a strategic priority for ‘Natural Environment’. This includes commitments to:

  • Biodiversity: protect and enhance biodiversity and deliver net gain whenever possible
  • Land Restoration: restore land to a high quality and undertake good aftercare
  • Natural Capital: protect natural capital and enhance where possible
  • Geodiversity: protect geodiversity and enhance where possible
  • Heritage: protect national and local heritage assets appropriately
  • Environmental Protection: minimise and mitigate operational impacts

More information is available at www.mineralproducts.org

  • Develop a water strategy to support the measurement and reporting of sustainability performance and target setting

Using the principles of the MPA Water Strategy, in conjunction with the World Business Council Sustainable Development Cement Sustainability Initiative Water reporting and Water accounting tools (see www.wbcsdcement.org), the Sustainable Concrete Forum (SCF) has modified its data collection methodology for water consumption to obtain a more accurate indicator for water. This will enable the setting of a meaningful water consumption improvement target in 2018.


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