The concrete industry makes a significant contribution to biodiversity and nature conservation through the management and restoration of sites of mineral extraction.

Performance indicator


Performance indicator Percentage of relevant production sites that have site specific action plans

The industry strategy prioritises its actions within quarries and sites where there is a higher potential for both positive and negative impacts on biodiversity. The indicator reports on the proportion of these ‘relevant’ production sites that have an action plan relating to site restoration, biodiversity or geodiversity.

The value reported for 2018 is 99.7% of sites and our 2020 target is 100%.

Collaboration with stakeholders such as the RSPB and Nature after Minerals (NAM) have helped the industry realise that it can deliver nine priority habitats (out of 11) in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. MPA data shows that over 6,000 hectares of priority habitat has been created to date on restored sites; and a further 6,000 hectares of priority habitat is committed to in restoration plans.

Operational and restored quarries provide habitats for rare and endangered animals such as peregrine falcons.
Further information on the site stewardship and biodiversity indicator can be found in the full report.
The Biodiversity and Water 2020 Strategy Commitment  - an update.


The Twelfth Concrete Industry Sustainability Performance Report